The Mystery of the FRO

The FRO, its being the source of many a conversation and I really can't say I understand or pretend to. My cousin "went natural" (whatever that even means) a couple years ago and we sort of tag on that subject every time we meet. She told me about the insecurities she felt with her naturally long permed hair and she did have long hair. Feeling some form of self consciousness, she wore longer weaves never letting her real hair out. Thing is, I have been through that stage, but my reason was just because my hair never got to the mid back length I wanted and maybe on some subconscious level, I was rejecting my hair. I just never really saw it that way. I am one of those people who are constantly and drastically changing looks. My permed hair is natural, I do not define myself by my "hair", I choose to believe there's more to this gal. A couple years ago, I cut off most of my hair really short and rocked the short look for a bit. Then, for a while I got into the braids thing, I put blond and purple in my hair and I just love to change my look- I guess I'm just that cray cray...but when I decided to do the curly "natural look" I never thought I'd get the response or looks I've had so far.
It's a mixed bag mostly. Most people love or hate it. Some people flat out tell me how pretty my hair is, others just give me the 'rock on sista' look. There's the smile and the side glances and the 'is that really her hair' looks. It's funny but trust me it's real.
Then, there's the curious looks. I might be imagining this but I swear I've drawn more stares, (the funniest from kids!!!) than ever from this look. I'm not really sure what the thoughts behind those are but...its there.
Then there's the what the hell look. The 'tame your hair bitch' kinda look. I frequent a Chinese restaurant and I like the lady who runs the place a lot. She pretty chatty and we always have long conversations when I go there for lunch or dinner. The lady just flat out told me to 'straighten my hair' because 'its too curly and straight hair looks better on me.' She's gutsy i tell you. And I'v had a couple more of those.
The funniest looks I think are the people who do not recognize me and have to look twice and go "oooh...I didn't recognize you." Like really, I changed my hair texture, I didn't get a nose job or face lift. Come on people! I'm not offended in the least bit, more intrigued. Maybe there is some legitimate debate to the fro, and like I said, I won't pretend to understand the thoughts and reasons behind what people make of it. To me, it's just a different look, who knows tomorrow I might just go bald. For the fun of it!
What I wore
Shirt: Petticoat Alley c/o marshalls
Blazer: Kyle  c/o marshalls
Skirt: FV21
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Steve Madden
Watch: Guess
Earrings & Belt: Thrifted
Pearl necklace: Gifted
Beaded Necklace and bracelet: c/o Mom
Lipstick: Mac; Rebel and Date Night
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