The 20/20 Experience- Review

Last week I took advantage of iTUNES free preview of JT's new album and I played it none stop!!! All  the songs are on point, really, There is not one song I don't like. Here is the track list and the deluxe album from target has two more tracks ( Dress On and Body Count). Download it on iTune or order online from target here for only...hold on $9.99!!! Seriously, I'm like you I kinda never but music, I just YouTube listen or Myspace it from the artist page but I think this is a  record worth having. JT has brung the SExy.

I can't even tell you what my favorite song is. I like Mirrors obviously, Let the groove get it has got a funky Afro-Carribean-Latin pop! Spaceship coupe is banging...oh you can tell I'm listening to the album now. It's really a not so surprisingly good album. 

Let me show you a few things....
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