How to wear: Ankara sHOrTs

How hot is it today!?! It was already above 80 degrees before 8am and it has been searing throughout the day! In other news I'm totally in love with my African Print shorts!!!! I made them (yes i did) last night and if you know me I don't wait. I paired it up with my 3/4 sleeve white top and threw on a pair of sneakers. I made a dress and some other pieces from the same fabric too. I will be posting a DIY tutorial of the shorts soon. How about my new drinking jar (below)? I have a thing for Mason Jars and I don't know how it started or my fascination. I use them for storage, decoration etc. I got this, with a handle and straw insert at Marshalls for $4. (I will soon do a feature of how I use Mason jars around the house). As the weather gets hot its important to hydrate and this Mason Jar does just the job. How hot is it where you are?
What I'm Wearing
Shirt: Marshalls// Shorts: DIY ankara shorts// Sneakers: Shoe Dazzle// Purse: Anne Klein// Earring and belt: Vintage Charity Store (goodwill)// Watch: Guess// Bracelet: Ghanaian beads// Mason Drinking Jar: Marshalls



  1. SUPER cute shorts : ) Yo so I'll be waiting on that tutorial because I have some awesome fabric I found in my mom's closet, I'd love to have some awesome shorts like those