Red, Bright and you Blew me away...

Spoiler....yesterday was July 4, aka Independence day. I traveled to New York for the occasion and to visit with friends. We spend the day walking around everywhere between Central Park and Time Square and then some. 
Starting off with lunch at this amazing Thai place close to Time Square call Qi. Then for the first time had had my caricature drawn, (see pics) FAIL!. I captured some moments which I thought I'd share; an old couple holding hands, a cabbie taking a nap in his stroller and how about that amazing looking gentleman? I just loved his subtle red, white and blue outfit I had to ask for a snap and he said YES!
 I've been to New York several times but I never really tour, this was a trip to start. I went to the St. Patrick's cathedral, breathtaking!!! I was able to capture shots of the place and even intruded on a mother praying as her daughter stood by, it was such a beautiful moment not to capture.
 I even lit a candle for my grandpa who passed a year ago. 
And of course it's not New York until you see a naked girl, Elmo and the Cookie Monster and a bunch of Super heros in conversation.We ended the night with amazing fireworks on the Hudson surrounded by so may people and of course Coldstone Ice cream. Never seen so much red, white and blue in one place! On my way to Boston for the rest of the weekend, hope you enjoy your weekend.


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