What to wear: To the Beach We go!

Have I complained enough about the weather? The heat index was a little lower this weekend so I decided to make a beach day out of it. It was a long drive down to Ocean City, so much traffic but once we got there it was so much fun. For the ride, I picked this crocheted cover-up which I got a couple years back (this is my first time wearing it). I made my shorts the night before from Ankara/ African print. The two just went great together. For my swimsuit I mix-matched a brown (or as a call it nude) top with yellow bikini bottoms from H&M (2011).
What I wore
Crocheted overall: Ross (love this)// Cropped top: Asos// Swimsuit bottom: H&M// Print shorts: self made// Glasses: Louis Vuitton (different color here)


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  1. Love your cover-up and your hair!! Looking gorgeous :)