What to wear...All Men Everything

If you knew me in my teens you'd know I was obsessed with boyish clothing. My clothing of choice was a cropped top, baggy pants and combat boots. Of course I slowly gave those up and settled for the frills, laces and heels but a girl never forgets her first love. I still love men clothing, if worn in the right way it has the tendency to looks very stylish and trendy and of course for some reason men clothing seems to be made for comfort (the bf's boxers, shirts, even those silly looking flip-flops!!!!etc) whereas women's...... Well, tbc

What I'm wearing
T-shirt: H&M// Jeans: H&M (mens)// Shoes: Vintage thrift store// Belt: Thrift store// Necklace: Amazon.com// Watch: Guess// Bracelets: BCBG & Ghana beads



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