In my Beach Bag

In my Beach Bag
1. Bag
2.Bathing suits- Love mixing-up swim suits 
3. Glasses and case
4. Sunscreen
5. Earphones
6. Aleve
7. Camera
8. Make-up bag
9. Lotion
10. Lazy reads, Elle, Lucky and Glamour
Heading to the beach again!!! Woop woop. I don't usually get the time to take a break and unwind but I'm making time this, yay. The closest beach is almost 3hrs away and for the second time this summer, I braved the miles down to the beach. I wanted to do a what's in my beach bag post and pictures of my beach wear but I was having so much fun with the fam I didn't have time to do a good photo-op. Luckily, someone managed to get some shoots sometime during the day! Thanks whoever.


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