What to Wear: Traditional Weddings

The best part about weddings is dressing up and catching up on amazing fashion. Traditional weddings are colorful and extravagant. The head ties run from east to west and a mile high. The traditional wears are mostly floor length but I went for a shorter length. I made this dress a couple weeks back, I cut the neckline too low and had to wear a camisole underneath, too scandalous. I actually wore it to a wedding this past weekend. Suffice to say, I got a lot of 'I'm copying this' and such and if you read my blog you've seen both of these prints a "lot". I got about 6 and 12 yards of the prints and I've been sewing away. Would you wear this to a traditional wedding?

What I'm Wearing
Dress: DIY// Tank: Macy's// Shoes: BCBG c/o Marshalls// Gele (headtie): Mom's// Purse: Aunt's//Earrings and belt: Vintage Store// Watch: Michael Kors// Bracelet & Rings: H&M// Beads: African Beads
Lips: Mac Up the Amp, Linear: Milani

Pictures by: Rieta Ngay



  1. This. Is. Beautiful!
    I've always wanted a traditional dress for events like weddings and parties but I can never find one that is still modern. This is perfect.
    I might have to do the same and start sewing. wow

    imemmymah |fashion blog

  2. That dress is adorable, could you share the pattern you used!
    Thanks :)

    1. Corazon, I don't really sew with pattern:-( You can email me and I can draw it out and give you a detailed instruction list.

  3. So beautiful! Amazing colors and pattern! Love it!