What to Wear: Face Edition

On of my most asked questions by far has to be my skincare regimen or what make up I use. If we are being honest I really don't follow a strict protocol (maybe I should start) but here are a few products that I've been using for the past years and yes I swear by them. 

It's no secret woman of a darker skin pigmentation have a harder task finding make-up that works well for their skin tone conveniently. Unless you're going to a specialty store forget it. I used to do some modeling work and I always took  my foundation with me because I didn't want to look like I saw a ghost and my color drained from my face (go to your local drugstore and check the aisles) 

Anyway, for that  reason I was never really into using foundation all through college till I found something that worked and didn't cost much (I'm sure I would have paid whatever they were asking anyway)
I walked into my local CVS and decided to try this brand after countless unsuccessful and shall remain nameless brands. This is the Black radiance collection and I normally go for Liquid Foundation in cocoa bean (8415) which I think is their deepest color. It was love at first foundation application. I've recommended the brand to others and so far no complaints so yay!
It's very light and dries very fast so your face doesn't feel heavy. The left swipe is the 8415 and the right is 8414, its a shade lighter and I have added that to my make-up routine for creating dimension. 

As you can see I've gone ahead and sampled their other products including the Cream to Powder foundation  in Brown sugar/ cassonade (8916) which I normally use under my eyes, the Pressed Powder in Ebony (8615), the artisan baked blush in Warm Berry (8305) I recently picked up their creme eyeliner in Classic black and it has a long range staying power. 
I have used their liquid waterproof eyeliner and it's also really good. I have to say I've tried a lot of their products including eye shadows and lipsticks and they are all amazing. I picked up some new lipshades for the fall and I do a review on them soon.
Now when we talk about applying make up we need to talk about taking them off. These wipes from Absolute are amazing. I've been using them as far back as I've been using make-up. They have different scents including green tea, cucumber, pomegranate and Vitamin C. The tissues are soft and is good for light and heavy make-up days. I sometime just use them as facial wipes too and it always leave my face feeling refreshed. Bottom line I would recommend. I normally pick them up from Ross, Marshalls or TJMaxx for $4.99. They are also sold in Walgreens for $ 6.99 and some online stores.
I hope this answers some of your questions.

Product Details: Black Radiance

Local CVS

Product Details: Absolute Face Wipes

I have not received any monetary compensation or otherwise to review the products listed here. All opinions are my own 



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  2. Nice post! I gotta try those make up wipes.
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  3. Awesome post. I am a makeup junkie. I don't care for shoes, purses or jewelry.......my thing is makeup :-)
    I haven't tried the black radiance foundations, although one of my friends swears by it, and now you, so I have to go pick it up.
    I do have the warm berry blush and its awesome!!!!!!.

    Have you heard of BH Cosmetics? affordable, pigmented and darker skin friendly.
    keep the posts coming.