Who to Listen to: John Legend and a Men Style Review

You know I had to be grinning from ear to ear writing this piece. Mr Legend is one of  my favorite people on earth and I don't even know him. I guess I'm a groupie (but only for the Legend). Late last month John Legend released his new album Love In the Future and I am a believer.
Let's be honest, not a lot of people buy CD's or go through a whole album theses days right. We mostly listen to radio plays and what someone recommends. Well, I recommend you listen to the whole album and yes I did buy and listen to the whole album. His is one of the few albums I will run to the store to get. Asking which song is my favorite will be like asking me which of my shoes in my closet I like the most. All the songs are amazing. He released the video for 'All of Me' earlier this month featuring his freshly minted bride (watch video below)
Congratulations to John and his new wife!!! ( I always find it funny when people say that, new wife like who was the old one...)

Album tracks

Now we all know I can write a feature without talking about their style. I was on a blog earlier (can't recall which) and the author made a good point about how women go the mile to look nice; right shoes, perfect dress, hair did, make-up on point- and we forget to clean up our most important accessories (...dadadada...)The Man. I've seen one too many glammed up women out with their guys in looking a mess. Come on ladies! and you too. Lets take a page (or 16) from John Legends lookbook.

1. Don't underestimate the power of a good Suit (read post on Suits here).

2. Invest in good shoes. Shoes are not friends to women only, as most women will say a shoe can make or break a look. Same applies to you. Yes I'm talking to you (with your man) in the suit and tie with the white Nike sneakers.

3. Don't forget to accessorize. Scarfs are a good accessory bits.

4. Do wear a Suit with a Tee (White, Grey, Black).

5. Do invest in a simple basic Black Tee. They are a staple in your wardrobe, as a matter of fact get 10, ask Simon Cowel.

6.Do invest in one or two Leather Jacket.
7.Do buy into the Nerdy look, it's in.
8. Do get a dog, that is if you have a means and capability to care for one. It shows you are a caring person.
9. Do invest in travel. A well traveled person is a well realized person.

10. Don't be afraid to wear a white blazer. Pair it with a simple Tee for a casual yet sophisticated look

11. Don't forget you are never fully dressed without a smile

12. Do, white Tees are a must. Some study showed that men who wore white Tee's looked 12% more attractive.

13. Do be bold and experiment with print and color. Try with Blazers or jackets if you shy away from color. They are easy to lose if discomfort sets in.

14. Don't shy away from a well groomed scruff. It's mischievously attractive.

15. Do show love/ affection to the one you're with. There's nothing more sexier than a man who knows how to treat his partner. 

16. Don't take yourself too seriously. Learn to relax and live freely in the present.

And in the spirit of not taking ones self too seiously watch John legend do just that here. (NSFW)


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