Where Do We Go From Here

Coat: H&M (last year) // Dress: Marshalls (love this and this) // Shirt: Lady Arrow Vintage (try this) // Shoes: BCBG (Similar)// Purse: Vintage Amanda Smith// Lips: Milani Bonfire lip liner and Best red lipstick

I have never been big on Special moments. For example, I would not buy a dress or shoe and save it for a "special day", I don't normally shop for occasions and I don't believe in separation of wardrobe :-). I grew up having designated clothes for school and church and parties and everything in between but at a certain point I realize that was completely useless to me. Why do I have to reserve the right to wear certain things I like to certain places only?
Now don't get me wrong, I understand proper attire for certain places. Again, I wouldn't wear a bikini to go get milk at the grocery store ( I have thought of it though). My goal is ultimately to create a versatile wardrobe that can be styled to fit the occasion, that is geared towards comfort and confidence more than towards specific moments in my life. I have just come to a point where I believe everyday is special. I try not to wait for special moments to happen to me instead I make them happen. And as I make them happen I might just be wearing my favorite shoe of the moment.

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Where we go from here

Skater dress
$32 - newlook.com

Giles white blouse
$855 - avenue32.com

Kaliko coat
$255 - houseoffraser.co.uk



  1. great outfit

  2. i love this look! I'm so gonna try it out!


    1. :-) Thanks Cassie, you should definitely. I'll look out for it

  3. I love the look you put together. The vibrant blue is so perfect on you!

    Amanda via http://www.wisebrunette.com