You must be living under a stone if you haven't heard of the recently release surprise album of Beyonce. No this post is not one of the many about the album and its genius, it's about about a single track on the album that features Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. 
I can't remember how I was introduced to Chimamanda but I remember spending hours reading and re-reading all her short stories and essays I could find online, and I did find  a lot. I visited my local library after and picked up her books Purple Hibiscus and the Things around you neck at the time, which gave me dreams that I might one day be able to write my own stories.
I recently finished reading her newest novel Americanah and it's a brilliant piece of writing. While I was reading the novel my aunt will pick it up if I left it to go do something. The first time this happened, she reluctantly handed over the book and said, "this is so real I can relate!" She immigrated to America as a young college student and recently in her fifties has moved back home to settle and work here. 
But I digress, this post is about FLAWLESS and Chimamanda's TED talk from a year ago, calling on everyone to be a Feminist (find here) and discuss quite flawlessly the great divide between men and women. I will try not to spoil the 30 minutes of priceless education you will get listening to this talk, so do yourself a favor and spare spend 30 minutes and listen to this.
While you're at it, listen to the danger of a single story and honestly any other talk she's given. I'll try to link most of them below.
Follow this link to some of her essays and short stories. 
Follow this link to her NPR interview



  1. I watched Chimamanda's TED talk last year and I immediately read all of her stories. I love them all.

    FLAWLESS is flawless, for real.


  2. She's so beautiful! I read Half of a Yellow Sun in my senior year in highschool for world literature and it was an instant obsession I love her prose. Her mind. I've had Americanah oh my list for a while now :) I'm also SO glad Beyonce's also a fan too I hate how people come for her life and think she's not a feminist because she's in love with her husband and she owns her sexuality? Like, why is that not allowed ugh. In my imagination, Bey and Chimamanda are fabulously having a chat and drinking coffee or something right now and it's excellent :) Two of my favorites!

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