Living In Now and Color

Top: Asos// Skirt: Tailored In GH (From my collection)// Shoes: Coach
Living in Ghana for the past two months has been a big experience. There's been some highs and some lows, I'm making amazing connections and  I get to relive most of my childhood memories as a grown up and differentiate between things that are real and my those that were my African fantasies.

I took this trip with so much enthusiasm and sometimes I feel the energy burned. I'm working on a big project which I feel might be bigger than myself sometimes, but if that is not motivation enough then I don't now what is. I will be sure to give details as it unfolds, until then enjoy the other half of some shoots from my photo-shoot last week for my birthday



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  3. Love this outfit, especially the skirt. Happy Belated Birthday! (:
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  4. love the outfit and the balloons just compliment the outfit
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  5. Happy Birthday girl, I nominated you for the Liebstar awards.

  6. Oh my gosh, I love those photos! Seriously amazing!!