Insta Updates

Sorry I've been missing for a while. I promised to keep up but it's not particularly easy being a blogger here. My instagram is however a bit more active so you can keep up with me there. Here are a few of my instagram updates in the past month.

1. Missing m y mom and being an adult mommy's girl
2. Pineapple juice from Aqua Safari Ada Ghana
3. Faux dreaded but who knows
4. My tea addiction
5. Throwback from a year and half ago
6. Chatting up with some kids I met in my neighborhood
7.Aqua Safari, the crew
8. Oh my pose 1
9. Oh my pose 2. I unfortunately lost these pictures. Long story
10. Sweet Palm wine
11. Coconut
12. Aburi mountains



  1. lovely pictures you got there

  2. nice pics!!

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  4. Love your scarf wrapped with hair! <3

    Tell me about following, I would be very glad if we could stay in touch and follow each other through the journey of fashion and style :)