An African City

 When a Ghanaian-American returns to Ghana as a "returnee" she meets up with four of her closest friends who are also returnees and paints Accra "SEXY". The wardrobe from Ghana's own Christie Brown is to die for and the producers do not shy from hitting the important issues the modern day African woman living in Africa faces. From finding love to job security, to been dubbed a foreigner in ones own country these ladies share a side of Africa mostly hidden. And get this no topic is off limits, from the down and dirty to the critical must knows.
 Makena (Marie Humbert): The divorced-Oxford educated lawyer who has currently returned to the motherland unemployed
  Ngozi (Esosa E): The religious-celibate-vegetarian who is looks to no man but daddy for her needs.
 Zainab (Maame Adjei): An entrepreneur back on the motherland, Shea butter exporter and "Peptobismol importer" and hates lemons in her drinks!
 Nana Yaa (Maame Yaa Boafo): The protagonist of the series, Daughter of the new Minister of energy trying to navigate her way through a broken heart and the appeal of African men willing to wine and dine her and a new career.
Shade (Nana Mensah): HBS educated, Ghanaian- Nigerian Mega Pastors daughter who wears her sexuality as a badge of honor
Follow these ladies on their quest to carve out a place for themselves on the motherland. Anyone who has ever considered moving back home for good and maybe already should watch this series. It is a breath or fresh air and definitely a new perspective into the African woman. 
The first ten episodes of the first season have been rolled out and can be found on their youTube channel (links below) and do listen to their feature on NPR (links below).
Huge congratulations to the creator Nicole Amerteifio and Executive producer Millie Monyo.
It's an African City



  1. I love this show, cant wait for season 2

    1. Yes, season 2, its quite an upgrade from other shows on African Tv

  2. I've never heard of the show, but these pictures are so incredible! What stunning ladies. That is impeccable fashion if I have ever seen it!

    1. You should see it. It's actually a good one, funny, relatable and new. Do catch it