Japanese Collars and African Prints

Blazer: JCP (Similar)// Top: Marshalls // Pants: Custom made Ankara// Shoes: Penny love Kenny (not shown) Similar Here // Necklace: My aunties closet

I'm always trying to come up with something smart and insightful to go with my posts but most times I come up dry and end up talking some bull crap about the weather (which I give 2 cents about) or my outfit which just makes me sound the opposite of what I'm trying to sound like, which brings me back to step one. But then I ask myself  if anybody actually reads the stuff that I write cos, I'm not even sure I do! so I heave a sigh of relief and press 'publish'- PHEW. That was long....

Anyway back to being insightful and all, I spent the whole winter feeling summery in the motherland and it's quite amazing the things you learn about yourself and life in general when you're out of your comfort zone. There is inspiration all around you and if you dare to ask you'd be amazed how much people know. The print of these pants is one such (oh and btw most "African Print" fabrics have names). 
This Print "Dua kro gye nframa a ebu"  loosely translates to "one tree cannot withstand a great storm', which loosely translates into 'there is strength in numbers', which loosely translates into 'unity is strength', which loosely translates into 'if you want to go faster go alone, if you want to go farther go together'. How is this insightful? I don't know, but as you go through your week just have it at the back of your mind, it might all scream out at you when you least expect.

PS: I wore this to a Ghanaian traditional engagement  



  1. you hais looks so amazing :)


  2. I always read the writing in a post. Love this look, the mix of traditional and modern is awesome. Love the pants, who knew there was so much meaning behind print. Love the meaning of this print .


    1. I know right, so much meaning...gotta love Africa!

  3. great outfit! I'm so in love with your trousers X