First Friend. Then Lover. Lost both
T Shirt: Marvel// Overall: Similar on sale here// Sneakers: Converse// Lips: Ruby woo

This weekend was just perfect for a bike ride! I don't own a one, actually I don't think I've ever owned one but for some reason I still know how to ride a bike.
I can't remember exactly who's bike or who thought me how to but I  do recall one instant where I fell off and got seriously hurt. I have this huge scar on my leg from falling off but that didn't stop me.
I remember going back for the bike the next day.
I was a brave child.

Most cities are renting bikes for day usage. I have been n three cities (New York, Boston, DC) in the past two weeks and they all seems to have this working.
I think this is great but I wouldn't recommend it for leisure riding. If you're in a hurry to get from one place to another, go for it. But if you plan to spend more than two hours with it (which is what I did), be prepared to pay about $40  and up.

There is always something going on around somewhere in DC. As it turns out, it was so much fun riding in the city and I have decided to get a bike. I know I said this last summer but this time I 'think' I mean it. I'm already searching for the perfect one. If you know where I can get a good bike, not for professional  or active riding please let me know.

Photos by: Ms. Aben Ngay


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  1. Thats a cool idea with the bikes. Its on lists to own one. Lovelt photos btw.
    PS: lovers usually return. Choose wisely��