World Cup 101

Every four years something big happens. It's World Cup season, let the football frenzy begin.
For most people in the US of A football totally means another game. This football I'm talking about is the one also known as 'Soccer'. So for those who don't know much about the World Cup here's a crash course in Soccer 101.
It's being hosted by Brazil this year.
There are 32 countries and there will be a total of 64 matches played. 
The teams are divided into groups A- H with four teams in each group. 
Two teams advance to the next round after three games against each other.

The sixteen teams advance to the Rounds of 16. 
This time it's you snooze you loose. 
Winners of each game advance to the quarter finals of eight teams.

Four teams advance to the semi-finals. Two games are played where the winners will advance to play for the Cup and the losing teams play for third and fourth place.
Oh and Shakira has a song out for the a games of course...

So there you go.
Now you know all you are suppose to know for the 2014 World Cup. 

Of course I'm routing for my Baby Jet and the Black Stars of Ghana.
Who will you be routing for?

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  1. I'm definitely rooting for Ghana this world cup. They have me worried though...even though we usually beat the US, this year I'm worried.