Chit-Chat Sunday

"Nobody dies a virgin...Life f**ks us all
-Kurt Cobain

hope at the end of the year -though it doesn't look it- I can proudly say I made some of the best decisions ever. To be proactive about this I came up with a list of things I should do more of, less of or cut out completely. I hope it's an adventure because if life is going to f*** me up anyway, then I'm going to enjoy it. I hope to journal this journey and hope you come along with me. I will tackle most of these in individual posts. Join in and let me know if you do. Share your thoughts and experiences as well. 

1. Travel, if you have the means. See the world. It's a big place.

2. Read. Read a good book, the newspapers, an article, read. Get recommendations from friends or join a book club.
3. Keep a journal. Write about the things that makes you the most happy, sad, anything. Write everyday. 
4. Meet different people. This will be like traveling to a different place, you'd learn different cultures and places without going far. 
5.Detox. Detox your body, your wardrobe, your friends. It may sound harsh but it might be the best thing you ever did.
6. Eat well. Expand your palette. Having culturally diverse friends is a good way to do this. 

7. Engage people. Whenever you feel bad about something, doing something for someone is a good way to cheer yourself up. It's like magic. 
8. Dance. Dance is the bathroom, dance in front of a mirror, dance naked, slow dance with someone, dance alone, in the rain, while sitting, in your car. Just dance. It's a good way to keep you light.
9. Indulge in new music, old music, something unfamiliar or you wouldn't ordinarily lean towards. Learn to play a musical instrument, guitar, violin, drums. Choose one or two or more. 
10. Meditate. Don't be frightened by this. Simply spending alone time, reflecting and projecting positivity is all. Of course you can always delve deeper. 
11. Forgive. It's for you. When you forgive people don't ever think you're doing it for them. Forgiveness is for you, carrying hurt, and pain, and anger is all on you. You see? 
12. Love. Fall in love, but first with yourself. Then allow others to love you, allow yourself to love others. 13. Laugh. Above all laugh. Don't take yourself too seriously, don't take things too personal, some of the things you're sulking over now are just memories you're building for a good laugh tomorrow. So laugh! Laugh with reckless abandonment. 

Comeback soon!



  1. Thanks for sharing this tips...i rarely dance alone.>>>lol

    1. Ugo, I know this is super late but better late than never. You are welcome and I hope if nothing at all you remember to dance with reckless abandonment. LOVE