Will you Stay A While?

How to wear: Blues and Browns

Shirt: Here// Skirt: Marshalls// Bag: Steve Madden// Sandals: Dolce Vita// Belt: Thrifted (Similar)// Watch: Anne Klein, Nail: Wet 'n' Wild - I Need a Refresh-Mint
I like old. There is really a quality to aged-vintage-something from another era items that calls out to my person. I really believe I have lived in another era, I only wish I remember (creepy). 
I really love this skirt but I don't get to wear it enough (See another look here). 

I found this old town about 15mins drive from where I live and took some impromptu snaps. They have all these vintage and antique stores, it's really something from the early 1900. Look at that cart! And an old train station. I think I found my new blog photos spot. 

Also found a bike shop...yesss. I think I'm finally getting that vintage bike I've been wishing and only talking about for two years now (a bit pricey though). 

Anyway, the weekend is upon us and another month goes by. Where is the time going. You realize if you committed to something at the beginning of the year you're more than half a year into it and if you were looking forward to something by the end of the year...It's almost here. 

In other news, I thought today was Friday (long pause)- what the what? 



  1. OH MY GOODNESS -- I've been looking for a dress shirt like that for ages. It looks like a perfect fit on you. Usually old towns have the best eateries as well...did you find any while you were out there?


    Thy Bliss Calls

    1. This shirt I actually stealrowed (borrowed with the intention of not returning) from my younger brother lol. There were a few eateries but I'm yet to explore those.

  2. What a beautiful woman ! I like your blog !


  3. This skirt is beautiful! I love the way you've styled it!


  4. Love this outfit.. that skirt is so pretty! I just love polka dots. You look fabulous doll!

    On another note, you should take a look at the Style Confession Link-up, over on my blog http://sequinsandstyle.com/week-6-linkup/. It's a great way to meet and build relationships with other bloggers, as well discovering new blogs. :)


  5. Wow! I love your hairstyle! I've never seen anything like it before, it's really cool! And the whole outfit just goes with it too! I like how the bag matches the shoes in a way and the main theme is blue...

    On another note, what kind of vintage bike are you getting? How much is it?


  6. Simply stylish! Love your hairdo. Beautiful.