Chit- Chat Sunday: Eating in Philly

Cuban, Chinese and Reading Terminal

I'm kinda, a bit of a foodie....If you couldn't already tell. I was in Philly for the second time almost a couple months back (time flies) visiting one of my college friends. We had to sample Philly food right???? Unfortunately I didn't have a Philly cheese steak, so I guess I have one more Philly trip to make.

@ Mixto PA 

   Ropa Vieja, “Old Clothes”, is said to have been introduced in Cuba by Spanish sailorsFlank steak is stewed in a vegetable saute of onionstomatoesgarlic andgreen and red peppers until the meat is so tender it pulls apart and resembles old clothes
   Bandeja Tipica Seared top round steakground beefcrispy pork rindarepaavocadoeggricebeansmaduros and Colombian Chorizo.

 Bottoms up! with (I'm so bad  with drinks cos I hardly ever do. Cant even remember the name of what I had!
   Appetizers, empenada's, plantain chips and guacamole

@ Reading Terminal Market
   Cheese sandwich and chips 
   Olive Bar
   Sweets Bar...yumm
@ Emei Chinatown: 
szechuan beef


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