Floral Ankara Skirt


Top: Try (this)// Jacket: Marshalls// Skirt: Custom made// Heels: Calvin Klein c/o Macy's// Bag: Justfab// Watch: Timex 1991 Vintage// Lipstick: Mac Amp it Up// Nail: Wetn'Wild Club Havanah
For sometime now, I've been thinking a lot about growing up. Not growing old because that's inevitable, but actually growing up and becoming your own person. I'm not against role models or inspirations, but I find that, with so many of us looking to other people, we sometimes miss the beauty that life has given us; to be yourself without permission or apologies. I know how hard it is to try not to step on toes and want to be liked by everyone (been there, done that). I find though, the harder you try to impress and fit into peoples boxes the higher the likelihood of you offending so many others. Not everyone will like you for you, and if given the chance people will make you into who they want you to be. Don't give anyone that much control. Be yourself, BECOME and trust that the people who need to be in your journey will appreciate and stay
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  1. nice words... thanks :)

    love ur skirt and shoes :)

  2. Welcome back girl, you've been gone way too long. I adore your skirt and totally agree with what you said. While its important to have role models and try to be like them we also need to know that its okay to be ourselves, besides everyone else is taken.

    Princess Audu

    1. Thanks Sarah, I needed a social media break!

  3. That skirt is so beautiful and it looks stunning on you :)


  4. the skirt are absolutely beautiful! and you look stunning<3