What to Wear: Ankara Short Shorts


Top: Marshalls// Shorts: Custom made (get here)// Sandals: Justfab// Bag: Steve Madden// Necklace: Custom made Ghanaian beads.

Generally, I do not appreciate the 'give it time speech'. I really don't believe time heals and what not but it's amazing what a day, a week a year or two or specifically three can do to change your perspective. We never seems to see things clearly when we are close or emotionally involved. I feel like someone needs to read this today so really,  GIVE IT TIME. Hard to see it now, but just know time though might not erase, will give you the pespective you need. Sometimes you have to climb up a train, move a few feet away or take a break from things that stare you in the face to get an appreciation and better understanding. This does not mean running away from your problems, it's all about gaining some perspective. 
What I'm wearing: I paired an eyelet cropped top with a custome made ankara shorts. I paired it with some brown accessories, and a beaded necklave also custom-made from Ghana.
Come back soon!!!



  1. I love your style, dear! Beautiful shorts and outfit :)

    Kisses, Kali
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  2. I adore your shorts and you did a great job styling them. Love your sandals and the matching necklace too.


  3. Love your shorts!